Future Projects

Our team is not limited to our current projects. Here are some of the exciting upcoming projects we have planned with Habitat, with the possibility of even more to come!

Inventory Tracker

Habitat is looking for a new and updated way to keep track of their inventory. Habitat has a countless amount of materials and equipment, ranging from simple tools like a screwdriver, to expensive jackhammers. Currently, it is very hard for them to keep track of what tools and materials leave the HFH location - especially when it comes to theft. Our job is to develop an efficient  system that allows them to keep track of what inventory is checked out.


User Building Guide

Habitat is looking for a simple and general house building guide to give to their volunteers, or anyone working on their houses. When building their homes, Habitat has many universal rules they follow, such as how high off the ground power points go. Our job is to develop a basic and easy to follow user manual that contains all of Habitat's universal house building rules.