Data Management (Website)

In the Spring Semester of 2018 the Web team made significant progress in creating an easy to use web application for the Habitat for Humanity staff and volunteers. Although there is still much to do, the Web team has created a minimum viable product. The issue of finding a host for the website is still being worked out, but the website can accurately check tools in and out of various locations, add tools, add users, and more. It also works on mobile devices so it can be accessed with ease.

At the end of Fall 2017 semeseter, the Web team had narrowed down how the application would be programmed to four possible ways. There were three framework options with Web2py, Angular, Bubble, and PHP, which all require minimal coding experience. The last option is to just hard-code an app or website. Hard coding takes more coding expertise, but is higher functioning in almost every way. In the Fall of 2019, the Web team explored all of the options. After careful deliberation, it was decided that a website would be adopted as the full release, and would be coded in PHP. The website can be accessed from any computer or mobile device, allowing versatile and easy use.

During the Fall 2020 semester, a new team took over the development of the website, and it is now very close to being finished. Items can be checked in and out from different locations. There is an admin capability where items, locations, and users can be added or removed. There is also a recent activity log so admins can see when and where items have been used recently, and hopefully aid in finding lost or stolen items. The website is nearly complete, all that needs to be added is password encryption and possibly some non-dire improvements. This project is nearing completion and should be implemented for use at habitat in the near future.

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