This project is important because ultimately, our work impacts the larger projects HFH works on. If we can find a more efficient way to store their materials, the volunteers for HFH can use that extra time to put more work into their larger projects. 

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Cement Framing

Ongoing Project

Currently, Habitat for Humanity stores their extra materials in a pile outside of their HFH headquarters in Lafayette as depicted in the image adjacent to this text. The volunteers and HFH staff who use this space spend an unnecessary amount of time trying to dig through this pile in order to find the materials they need to transport to their project sites. Our EPICS team has been tasked with creating a storage system that allows for these materials to be easily accessible by volunteers and staff.

Depicted to the right is our initial design that we developed during the brainstorming process prior to our Mid-semester Design Review. One of our main focuses was to provide a relatively large amount of space to store extra materials while also limiting the size of the unit. However, after receiving feedback from our project partners, we have decided to cycle back and continue to brainstorm so that our design meets the needs over our project partners at HFH. Once we had the opportunity to discuss this design with our project partners, we were able to determine which aspects of the design would work well for this storage unit as well as which aspects could use a few improvements.


Since we are operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, our design process looks a lot different than what we have done in the past. We were unable to visit the site where our storage unit will ultimately be installed, so our team is working off of the information (such as pictures of the site) provided to us by our project partners at Habitat for Humanity. Additionally, our communication with HFH is different in that we are unable to meet in person and work collaboratively with them to determine the best solution to their problem. As a result of these changes, we will not be able to actually build our final product and deliver it to the Habitat for Humanity headquarters in Lafayette by the end of this semester. However, our goal for this semester is to have a finalized design that can be used to construct a storage unit whenever it is safe to do so.

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